At The Trump Boutique, we are excited to have been commissioned by renown American artist Tommy Zegan to feature his one-of-a-kind political masterpiece called "Trump and his Magic Wand." Our Limited Edition 9" Replica of his sought after masterpiece will go on sale in July. 


About The Artist:


Tommy Zegan is a renowned American Artist/Designer known for working with popular subjects. His productions of sculptures/statues and paintings, like his larger-than-life stainless steel sculpture and acrylic painting of President  Donald J. Trump are prime examples of his work.

Why This Statue?

Tommy believes that we are much more than the sum of our parts. He believes that we’re game changers, innovators, and a moral compass for those who find solace in our charitable spirit. The proverbial residue of American innovation continues to save millions of lives on a global scale and Tommy knows that American workers enable this to happen. From the Barista who hands Bill Gates his morning latte, to the Police Dispatcher providing assistance to her Field Officers, we all play an important role in sustaining our nations unparalleled trajectory. 

"In the spirit of President Donald Trumps unwavering commitment to American Excellence, this statue is for you Mr. President." - Tommy Zegan

we will all move
forward together

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